Tuesday, September 9, 2008


8 Ways to Lighten the School Bag was jammed pack last Sunday. For those who missed it, too bad because Sunday was the last show. I even had to sit on the floor. No, I did not take pictures of the stage like what I did when we watched The Good People. I am no good in reviewing shows or films and even books. But yesterday’s show was witty and funny and it was that good and it was from by Mark Beau de Silva (did I get the spelling right?) of course.

I love the Chinese mom but if I’m not mistaken she’s Malay because from what I’ve read in the newspaper some time a week ago, her name is Bella Rahim. I mean, if she is a Malay lady, she carried the character of a typical Chinese mom very well.

I got class later at 6.30pm and I’m not sure whether Dr Karthig will give us some time to break fast. I got a call from the bank just now to remind me that I haven’t pay ASB for the month of August. Or maybe I shouldn’t put this up in the blog and tell the whole world, no? Whatever
On a lighter note, my sister in law is pregnant which means I am so going to be an aunt probably 14th April 2009, and I said why not wait until 20th April because that is Fatin’s birth date but Abang told me that the mother birth date is on 9th April. Oh okay. This is for real man. I want the baby to call me Mami Ngah but on second thought, I feel like sugar mummy.

On more lighter note, Kak Long just gave birth to baby Nazim or was it Naim. And the big brother Nabil was so overexcited about it and he agreed to take his bath just to take pictures with the newborn little brother.

Talk to you soon yah.