Monday, December 28, 2009

batuk batuk

5 weekends with full of wedding. Oh muntah now.

Batuk batuk batuk for 1 straight week. Oh well.

Friday, December 25, 2009

pocketful of cookies

I think I need to update my FB with my pictures. I remembered one of the friend said, U neh banyak gambar tapi Facebook takde.

Fine. Now I am going to start updating it. wait and see.

wait until i feel like it. heh.

since i now have a Facebook account.

I think I wanna start baking soon, really miss to bake. I used to bake cookies, chocolate cake, brownies. wow. Even I am amazed with myself.

Saya banyak plan untuk tahun hadapan, I am using the same strategy tapi akan expand kan dia. We will see how.

Sabar itu penting untuk berjaya dalam business ini. Saya sangat sangat percaya.

Saya teringin hendak pergi memancing, tapi takde sapa nak bawak saya, or more like u never ask anyone before. Tapi memancing macam cool kan?

Tadi my client called me up, dia tanya, "Fara, Fara tahu tak siapa yang kenal tukang urut untuk orang baru lepas bersalin".

U see, his wife just gave birth. And he asked me. So saya rasa macam satu perasaan yang sangat best sebab saya dengan client bukan sahaja hubungan setakat consultant and client, tapi more like kawan kawan. How cool is that?

The other day, I met this one guy and I closed the deal with him and he asked me to come to his house to meet his wife.

The after few phone calls, I went and see the wife dekat office. We borak borak macam kawan kawan yang dah kenal lama dah. I like that feeling sebab I promised myself I want to be in this business for a long time, so I want to develop that kind of relationship with all my clients.

I nak jadi macam kawan kawan tau. Hari itu, Encik Mad, one of my bestest client, belanja McD just because his was late for his appointment with me. How touching :)

And the other day , I called one of my new client just to wish his birthday and he was kinda shocked, mungkin tak biasa kot.

You see, I love that warm feeling this job is giving me.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

buttery bread

semua orang mempunyai bayi sekarang dan memiliki rumah tangga sendiri. how? itulah disuruh mengumpul duit, tidak mahu, mahu lagi membeli mekap. mekap mekap mekap. ish.

I am seriously misshing aesha amani. I am having flu and batuk for few days, I dont want her to kena jangkit sekali, itu yang jarang ke rumahnya.

Sakit bahu saya semakin teruk. it is ekceli sakit tengkuk dulu now dah berjangkit sakit bahu. oh no.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Okay. It's been berhabuk bersawang and saya tidak tahu apa lagi yang telah terjadi kepada blog saya ini. Tiba tiba rasa rindu ingin menulis kembali, lalu kubuka kembali, dan menengok rupa-rupanya masih ingat saya pada password saya.

Menangis blog saya rindukan emaknya.

Wah emak tau..

Saya tulis blog atas sebab saya ingin mengulangkaji matapelajaran Inggeris saya, tapi apakan daya, tahap Inggeris saya di tahap itu sahaja.
Jadi kita akan melangkaui tahap tahap tatabahasa Inggeris saya lah jika begitu.

2009 adalah sangatttt menarik memang the bomb.

Saya menerima anak saudara perempuan pertama saya, yang saya rasa ada iras iras muka saya, tapi papanya malu mengakuinya dan berdoa agar perangai anaknya tidak menyerupai mak ngahnya. Let's berharap.

Saya menulis blog ini kembali kerana ingin mengurangkan rasa gundah di hati, jika boleh. Ingin mengurangkan rasa ragu di jiwa. what?

Okay sambung kejayaan 2009 yang kedua : Saya berjaya graduate setelah ayah saya berhempas pulas membantu saya menjelaskan yuran pengajian. huh anak tidak berdosa inih telah berdosa pada baba nya.

OMG, tidakkah rasa bangga terhadap diri sendiri apabila setelah 80 tahun belajar, berjaya juga. malulah letak gambar kerana perut sudah sama naik dengan pinggulnya. oh no.

Sungguh gembira. Tidakkk, tidaklah gembira kerana perut sama naik, cuma gembira setelah 80 tahun belajar akhirnya termakbul jua cita cita.

Oh saya tidak suka orang luar yang tidak suka negara saya. Sebab saya suka negara saya. Banyak yang boleh dipelajari.
okay terpesong.

Sebab ketiga: 2 rakan baik telah dan akan berkahwin, membuatkan kami berlima sangat rapatttt, itu saya sangat bersyukur, masing masing berangan nak membeli belah barang anak.
huh. Cubalah mendirikan rumah tangga dulu Farahani.

Banyak sebab lagi, antara sebabnya lagi: Saya telah menjadi salah seorang anggota pekerja di LVG Consultants, di mana saya sangat menyintai karier saya ini, saya ingin bersungguh sungguh lagi sehingga memantapkan pekerjaan saya serta comissionnya.

Nantilah cerita mengenai pekerjaan, di lain hari dan di lain artikel.

Sungguh saya merindui rakan rakan blog dahulu seperti azwar. Azwar rock star sudah bergoatee bagai. Blog back plis.
Oh siapa lagi, banyakkkk. u know who u are. if u dont, takpe. nevermind.

bye. for now. fow now only.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

please let her be strong

a) Someone hit my car and ran away. At Komuter Batu 3.

b) I need to pay for samans RM300.

c) I've lost my handbag. Don't ask me how.

d) She took the car back.

e) Officially broke.

f) Probably won't graduate this year.

Happy now?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


things that we did in May before it gets basi-er

the opening of Itudio Studio (16th May) with little cousins. i admire them much. both cousins and Itudio Studio.

18th May :p

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

hijau kuning

weekend was awesome just because:

cukoq jambul

taking pictures of happy silly kids

took them to the playground and sweats like a pig

made some horny looking homemade pizza and ate like crazy and regret after that

some meditation at their awesome looking garden although the second picture kinda creepy
(not me obviously, the hutan I mean)
(and tried not to breath own breathing)

i had fun

Monday, May 18, 2009

sing it to me baby'

Ya Allah, I am so ever grateful, thank you God for everything that you gave me.

I am so grateful for the beautiful journey I had before and more to come.


Thank you for making me a beautiful 25 year old lady today :p

Thursday, May 14, 2009

getting taller or was it bigger?

1.Happy birthday Kak Ena, wherever you are.

2.Been trying to make an appointment with Fabes but he kept on postponing the meeting, probably been busy much. I understand that. The last time he postponed the meeting he said, you must love so much right, I can see the love grows. Or something like that. Funny dude.

3.Been trying to make an appointment with Miss Designer as well. She's a busy woman I know. Patience is in my vocab now.

4.I ate a bar of chocolate like drinking a glass of ice water on a hot day.Scary.

5.I seriously wanna buy that eyeliner and eyebrow color, alaaa you put that on your eyebrows. It will only cost me like 50++ but money is a bit constraint now so I have to be careful. Careful not to overspend it.

6.Been trying to finish my practical report so that I can convo on October.Yeay!

7. I met with a guy yesterday and he told me that he just lost his wife 2 months ago and he can now start saving with me. Listening to how calm he is while telling me the stories makes me think that life is actually not a bed of roses not only for me but for others as well.

8. Called Kak Liyana the other day and upon hearing about her family told her it will be a risky investment makes me heartbroken. I seriously can hear my heart drop or whichever you want to put it. Maybe I should change a bit the way I do my presentation.

9. Going to see Aesha bubu later.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

loving mak ngah

1.I don't know that my father can nag too.

2.I think he learns from the best (emak).


4.I have a dinner date this Friday and definitely not with him ;)

5.I am so grateful for not working at the same place before although I've been offered a place there. Too much hatred among each other, office politics, gossiping, negative energy.You name it.

6.Do you sleeps better at night when you talk bad about someone else?

7.It just shows your insecurities dude.

8.Still I have a great respect to the boss, he gave me some good advice.

9.Well, coming from the young CEO of course.

10. Last training, I got to know myself as a lover.

11. You know abundant, loving, sayang sayang.

12. Nash told me that I need to be a warrior sometimes. Which I am still trying now.

13. Later.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

blueish curtain

1.Aesha Amani is a fighter.

2. I wonder why she doesnt look photogenic at all when real live she is so adorable and cute and smells like susu lemak manis.

3.Should teach her on how to become photogenic.

4.Uncle Fadzil has been so nice, agreed on me seeing ALL his staffs.

5.ALL equals to hundred plus.

6.Last year I said I must have like 14 bajus for Hari Raya for next year which is this year.

8.To date I bought like 8 bajus already.

9.Makes me one happy women.

10.Work has been good. I am quite suprised I am in this line but I am enjoying it.


12. I went to see one of the lecturer the other day and another lecturer of mine said hi to me and asked me to come to her house as well as meeting her husband to sit down and tell them what I do. Amazing.

13. I want to go WM cafe.I want.I want.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

pink curtain

I'm wearing my new pair of earring and I was sitting here alone in a cafe having my sweet time and suddenly the waiter talked to me.

He is cute.

So he talked and talked and asked me few questions and and one point I thought he is flirting with me.

Wow, this earring must be doing good. I should buy this kind of earring more when I'm in The Curve.

I thought.I thought.

Suddenly, he asked me one question,

Do you want to know how to be slim?


P/S: He is a HerbaLife agent.

askar-askar pelangi

berlarilah tanpa lelah.

menarilah dan terus tertawa.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

party like a rockstar

1.This was taken last January.

2.I went for BHP Petrol Run this morning for 11km.

3. And did 3k only, wait, 2k only.

4. To me that's a success.

5.After 2k and watched people still running while am in the car is sweet :p

6.Later the friends laughed at me.

7. Nash even asked us to do 21k in June.

8. Like bolehhhh.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

mata panda

I love myself and the girlfriends.

And him.

And my makeup.

And my hair today :p

Sunday, April 5, 2009

rocking 2009

Just some photos taken last weekend on Mazida's birthday with the girlfriends.
Sorry for not updating green curtain so long.It's been 3months I think.

Life has been good to me. 2009 has been good to me. Loving every second of my time right now.
Some few challenges that I face right now, but I know I will get through this.

Bought frames for me to hang on my plain wall but still cant decide which picture to put since I have like a lot.
Bought little present for Zura's wedding. That little, ok not so little is actually a recipe book which I found it very cute and yes that is a hint, darling.

Life has been good.Life has been good.