Saturday, December 20, 2008

sweaty palm

1. I accidentally cut my finger while cutting the vegetables just now. Urghh.

2. I felt like I am sweating non stop having me took shower 4 times already and it's only nearly 6pm.

3. I am so scared because the results are coming out real soon.

4. I seriously can't wait for 2009.

5. There are some pictures that I would like to show you but it is in my laptop and my laptop is with him, so I have to wait.

6. My senior told me that he just got engaged and the wedding date would be next year. I was so excited and screamed and he was like, still the same old Fara. He asked me when will I make him scream like that too? I also have no answers for that.

7. Yesterday, me and the families went out for dinner. Since we wanted to explore Shah Alam, I suggested we went to this Kedai Kopi near UITM. I am not that sure with the roads, so we went through like 5 or 6 roundabouts because being me I just couldn't remember the ways that Mazida showed me before. And I told everyone in the car, dont worry, it's going to be worth it.
And and, Kedai Kopi is actually just behind PKNS.

8. I miss my dear friends.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

take me home

1. Nigella Express is awesome. Looks very easy to make but how
I wish someone's there for me to do it.

2. I hate people who is not punctual. Like, the Homestay that I went before,
they said that all of us have to meet up at 10pm sharp because they are doing some
LDK (Latihan Dalam Kumpulan), and I arrived 9.45pm. And because of raining, some of them
made it around 11pm and some nearly 12pm. I mean come on. If you don't have any respect towards me,
that should be fine, but have respect towards yourself. Plan ahead ok.

3. I know the president will be reading this, but you and your team did a good job. I can't see
myself handling that very big event. Way to go, sistah! You know who you are :)

4. I miss the friends that I've worked before in Starbucks Uptown 2. Glad that this 13th
will be some sort of reunion but more like housewarming in Esther's house. It is so kind
of her to invite me as I met her only once I think. I miss the late night sessions
in SS2. God, when I mention that, I realize I miss the smelly Shah too. How shocking
that he got himself a pretty girlfriend already when I thought he's gay.

5. I really need to brush on my grammar.

6. I want that 2 pair of earrings that he bought for me.

7. Our friend Ahmad Azlan is getting married. Wow how time flies. He called me
to invite me to his wedding this coming January and he said he just got married on the 16th.
Wow. Next thing I know this people invite me for cukur jambul anak kedua. Scary.

8. Oh speaking of January, I can't wait for 2009 to come. I know masa depan akan cerah for 2009
*crosses fingers*.

9. Like OMG. I've gained like 3kgs last weekend only. That was when I stayed with my
host parents. Shut up you.

10. Take Home Chef, please take me home.

11. The other day, when I read about banjir (what is banjir in English?) in Kelantan
or to be more accurate Pasir Mas, I remembered a friend that I had before.
God how cruel she is. To remember what she did to me is wasting time.

12. But to remember what she did to fool herself is not only wasting time but funny
some people did things.
Like how she made herself up, took a glass of Ribena and pretend it was red wine and
sat on the sofa, close the curtain and took lots of pictures.
Put the pictures on the blog and said that she went for karaoke. With her imaginary

13. Or when, she made her eyes up with smoky eyes and only took picture of her face and paste it on her blog and said girls nite out! Yeay!

14. Or when she stayed with me and my housemates that time for several days and she asked us
how much to pay us and we were like, we don’t really mind how much because you are our friend.
She kept on asking how much she should pay. So our friend (more like a leader to the house) calculated RM48.75 or was it RM48.25. And guess what she did? She paid us the exact amount.
I mean come on, if you are big enough, you should just pay the exact RM50 right? I don’t know how to put it the correct way, but if you knew some stories about her being calculative with her friends, you’ll know.

15. Forget about her. What is your attractiveness level? Tell me.

16. Okay drink lots of water ok not only on hot days but every day.

17. Oh I bathed 4 times today. No, not because it’s hot, it’s more like bathing is a hobby.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


1. I just got back from Tanjung Piai Homestay with my college mates and still waiting for the pictures.

2. My host parents are so sweet. Mummy made muffin for us to bring back home.

3. I had 3 housemates including me. We shard the same host parents.

4. My cramps are killing me.

5. I am thinking of doing one major decision in my life which I am trying to do the pros and cons. And I'm still thinking.

6. Forget that. The main reason on why I blogged in English is because I want to brush up on my English which really need to be brush up. So, I'm sorry if my wrong grammar annoys you.

7. My nephew, Nabil, the other day, he asked me how's my throat recovery process. If you don't know, I just had operation for my thyroid. I was amazed when he asked because the operation was in July and he didn't come and visit me in the hospital, never mind that. I mean, for a 2 year old kid to remember that and ask me, I was so touch.

8. I AM GETTING BIGGER. My weight now is 73 kg. Which is so not okay for 1.6m tall.

9. I wish I had something interesting to write but sadly there is nothing interesting. How sad.

10. Oh on the second day of staying in Homestay, one of the housemate said something that hurt me which I don't want to elaborate here. I called him or more like ask him to call me back, and we talked. He told me that he bought me 2 pairs of earrings and I was so touched, I cried.

11. Ok I need to cook lunch.

Monday, November 10, 2008

baby potatoes + baby tomatoes + baby carrots + baby Naim

1. Today marks the first time I've won chess against him.

2. Like check mate ok.

3. I'll be having my first paper this Thursday which I am so scared to death.

4. This afternoon, I heard a boy sitting inside his school van, in front of his friends house saying something like,
"Rugi ooo kau tak pergi sekolah" which I found it adorably cute.

5. The other day, mom came back from groceries shopping and she bought 2 breads, one is plain white bread and another with raisins and later that evening dad came back from work bought the same exact breads : one is plain white bread and another with raisins. I call that destiny with adorably cute love.

6. Can someone craving for her own cooking? Since Obama said yes, we can, so I thought of yes I can craving for my own cooking. I'm craving for chicken with lots of potatoes. I love potatoes. I call that adorably cute carbs.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


1. My little sister is coming back next Friday which makes me so excited.

2. I am one ungrateful daughter because I ate one whole durian by myself which is so not good.

3. My long lost friend invited me for her wedding tonight which makes me think about how everyone around my age are either planning to get married, are married, pregnant, planning to have babies (like lots of babies), had kids (like 2), or getting divorce (ok I made that up), while I am still struggling with exams. (Not good).

4. I think when I finish studies I will face with lots of debts (Yes, you don't want to be me).

5. I have a friend which I don't want to be her friend anymore because she sucks all my (very little) positive energy which left me with negative feelings all the time.

6. I try to think about what I had done in the past of my 24 years time of living and I cant get any that I can proud of.

7. I am craving for brownies walnut. Enough said.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

yellow-ish curtain + day curtain

I came to see him and called him up only to know that he is still sleeping. Two days in a row. How can you not get mad and hungry.

HR Department from the place I went for practical called me up to say that I haven't send the tag yet. No good.

I probably cannot take my exams because of being barred. Not good.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

scramble eggs on toast

I am sitting just beside surau in my college to use the WI-FI (beside surau got WI-FI) and I am deeply humble when I saw my juniors (read: boys) passing by in front of me going for prayers.

Read: Super hot cute juniors.

I do mean super hot cute with bangle all hanging to the pants.

Life is Good.

Monday, October 20, 2008


I think I've moved out from Melawati and stayed near Shah Alam for almost a year already but the thing is, I still get lost when it comes to finding roads in Shah Alam which I hate it so much.

I couldn't even remember the roads and the routes which I agree I totally suck at.

Recently, I just got to know that Section 13 is very near to my house if I follow the route near Glenmarie. Before this, I use to follow routes after McDonald Section 20 and there's about 2 or was it 3 roundabouts.

I complained to Mazeda about this, and she said something like,

Ala, Funny (Farahani) kalau tak sesat memang it's not Funny (Farahani) tau. Suka masuk jalan ikut kata hati.

Rright. Very funny.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

every breath you take

I just can't believe my luck when I opened my laptop I straight away I can connect to the Internet from my college lounge.

Now I don't have to waste anymore money to grande extra whipped cream caramel soy chocolate. Did I get that right? This month is the exact one year I left Starbucks. How can I not missed them monkeys there? Especially Shah gendut.

everyone look super thin here and of course the cameramagicwomen looks the thinnest and of course you cant see it. there are 2 mak buyungs is due this year and another next year and I'll be great great aunty.

make more babies people.

dee dot buu

-Keras hati dan degil
-kuat semangat dan bermotivasi tinggi
-pemikiran tajam
-mudah marah jika tidak dikawal
-pandai menarik hati orang lain dan menarik perhatian
-perasaan yang sangat mendalam
-cantik dari segi mental dan fizikal
-tidak perlu dimotivasikan
-tetap pendirian tetapi mudah dipengaruhi oleh orang lain
-mudah dipujuk
-bersikap sistematik ( otak kiri )
-suka berangan (what??)
-kuat daya firasat, memahami apa yang terlintas dihati orang lain
-mudah diserang penyakit di bahagian telinga dan leher dan lemah sistem pernafasan
-daya hayalannya tinggi *ehem
-pemikiran yang tajam
-pandai berdebat
-fizikal yang baik *is this for real?
-suka sastera, seni, muzik dan melancong
-tidak berapa suka duduk dirumah
-tidak boleh duduk diam
-tidak punya ramai anak
-rajin dan bersemangat tinggi
-agak boros
*okay not true :p

Ps: tidak punya ramai anak?? are you sure??
On second thought, I thought I hate children so maybe it's true that gadis Mei tidak punya ramai anak.

Ppss: I swear to you I saw someone look like Mat Salleh at my college and this is weird when it comes to my college, but on second look it's just blond wannabe.
And yes it is true that May is the greatest month of all.

*copied from

Monday, October 13, 2008

save room for them

Everyday is a bad hair day for Farahani.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

wet kisses

I've been wanting to put this before Raya, but something stupid came up so here you go.
Good Luck in trying to read this.

Up until yesterday, I’ve been sleeping on my yoga mat for 3 days straight. Not that I sleep in yoga position or what, or maybe I did yoga pose while sleeping, no. No it is not. It’s just there is some stuff like lots of stuff on my bed. There is a packet of tissue, my hair band, some stuffed stupid animal, my clean clothes which yet to be fold which obviously I don’t know when of course. And some CDs and DVDs. Oh, have you guys watch 21 grams?
Call me smart or smart and have good taste or what, but I never know Sean Penn is that hot. Ok not when he is naked because yuck, that is so not hot. He is just brilliant plus another brilliant and this Del Toro guy which is brilliant and genius plus another brilliant. Did I forget to mention brilliant? You see, I never like the choice of movies that my 2 brothers like. No offence but sometimes I have to think hard to understand those movies which are not helping at all when you are dump at times. Well, they never like my choice of movies as well. Anyways, that 21 Grams was bought by the little brother. Come to think of it, Sean Penn is not that hot in I Am Sam :p
Moving on and let’s get serious this time. I am not working so I can’t really bitch about work like you people always do behind your boss. Since you guys have to work so hard or more like pretending to work hard like staring at the screen while your boss thought that you might be doing your work but you are wasting time reading my blog, let me tell you about more serious stuff like plaque. My plaque.
I got this little gap in front of my teeth which is obvious to people who really look at me while talking to me but not to those who looked at my chest while I talk to them. Understand? Good. I don’t.
Normally, I only brushed my teeth twice a day without fail. Ok I lied. Sometimes I failed when I got lazy to brush at night so there are times when I only brush once a day. And some people who are really close to me know that I love to check my teeth every opportunity I got like when it’s traffic jam or while waiting for the light to turn green. So one day, I noticed that the gap got a little bigger. I was thinking who might have accidentally scratched my teeth when I didn’t notice it. I stare it real close just to see it properly and it hit me, it is plaque. I was really scared and complained to boyfie about it and again non-stop complaining about it to him and he might get a little bored because he bought me a bottle of mouth wash and a packet of floss. So, now without fail (I promise), I brushed my teeth at night and use the mouth wash and floss my teeth. Every night. I promise (again).

Of course, on Raya, I will flash to everyone my flossed teeth.

Speaking about Raya, mom is worried about what to cook on Raya because you see we are going back Kedah this time. Cooking at my grandma’s house meaning that you need to cook with less oil, no coconut milk but instead use skimmed milk. I mean, honestly, how can you cook without all that especially on Raya. Since mom is so worried about it, the sometimes genius sometimes stupid me suggested that we ask someone else to cook. We can probably order soto ayam or laksa. Mom is not an expert in soto ayam or laksa you see. Easy peasy. Everyone’s happy. Baba agreed and he called his mother straight away and told her about my suggestion. My grandma wanted to talk to me and she asked, do you want to cook soto ayam on Raya? I said no grandma; we can order someone else to cook for us so that we can have more time to do our makeup on Raya. I nearly say that. She said, no its okay we can ask everyone to help around and we cook together but under your mom’s supervision.
I wanted to bury my head straight away.
Now, I’ll get mom more worried about this. No, mom doesn’t know about this yet and no one, listen to me, no one will tell her about this ok. I’ll figure something else some other days.

Now Go Back to Work.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


8 Ways to Lighten the School Bag was jammed pack last Sunday. For those who missed it, too bad because Sunday was the last show. I even had to sit on the floor. No, I did not take pictures of the stage like what I did when we watched The Good People. I am no good in reviewing shows or films and even books. But yesterday’s show was witty and funny and it was that good and it was from by Mark Beau de Silva (did I get the spelling right?) of course.

I love the Chinese mom but if I’m not mistaken she’s Malay because from what I’ve read in the newspaper some time a week ago, her name is Bella Rahim. I mean, if she is a Malay lady, she carried the character of a typical Chinese mom very well.

I got class later at 6.30pm and I’m not sure whether Dr Karthig will give us some time to break fast. I got a call from the bank just now to remind me that I haven’t pay ASB for the month of August. Or maybe I shouldn’t put this up in the blog and tell the whole world, no? Whatever
On a lighter note, my sister in law is pregnant which means I am so going to be an aunt probably 14th April 2009, and I said why not wait until 20th April because that is Fatin’s birth date but Abang told me that the mother birth date is on 9th April. Oh okay. This is for real man. I want the baby to call me Mami Ngah but on second thought, I feel like sugar mummy.

On more lighter note, Kak Long just gave birth to baby Nazim or was it Naim. And the big brother Nabil was so overexcited about it and he agreed to take his bath just to take pictures with the newborn little brother.

Talk to you soon yah.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

perfect.just perfect.

My brother got married last May, it is the first wedding in the family, I mean for my siblings because of course our parents got married way before that. One word: tiring. I think mom was the busiest person ever because it is her first son got married so she must’ve been really into it. Me? I am the one who complained much because, first, I am the second daughter so mom had to put trust on me. Second of all, I am the loser one who still staying with her parents (I think that is still okay considering I am still studying :p) so again mom had to trust on her daughter in helping her with the work.

Well, in Malay wedding, mostly it is about relatives and okay maybe 30% close friends and not so close friends. On why I said that because before the wedding itself, baba were like, Oh Angah, do you remember Pak Chop and the wife? I am like, who? Put them on the list, baba said. Who are they, baba? Just put them on the list. Even mom were like, Angah follow me to send the invitations to Tok Chu. I am like, “Hah? Who is Tok Chu?” “How can you not remember Tok Chu?” Even on the wedding itself, Baba introduced me to one his ex-college mate named Uncle Roslan, who always wanted to see me and called out my name when he came to the house. Reason being: my name is similar to his daughter’s name. But of course being me, I couldn’t remember and being the polite daughter, I’m like, yeah I remember Uncle Roslan. Sorry Uncle, it is not that I don’t remember you; it is just that I don’t remember you.

Weddings are expensive. Trust me, ladies. All the advertisement about marriages, canopies, wedding planners, caterings, it is all about money and more money. Okay take for example, wedding planner is to not put all the headaches on you, but to put all the headaches on the planner herself or himself, and plus maybe the daddy if he is the one who’s paying. I even asked my dad couple of months ago if he is going to pay for my wedding and if am not mistaken he said something about paying half. I mean if the wedding itself cost me RM30, 000; I am going to pay half of it? Feel like puking now. But on second thought, why make it RM30, 000? I mean, why not make it higher and give heart attack to both daddy and the future daddy in law.

Okay, to be real honest here, I don’t want just some people come to my wedding. I don’t fancy big wedding with all the VVVVIPs are invited when you yourself don’t even recognise him. It would be lovely if only the wedding would be my families, relatives and of course close friends are invited. All the faces that the bride and the groom recognize them. I was talking to one of my best girlfriend about her wedding dream, excuse us, we girls always dreams about our wedding. She said she will never ever use the small paper bag that contains gifts to gives out to the guests. She just doesn’t like it. I thought about the wedding my brother had and we only gave some lovely small box containing muffins and mom were a bit disappointed about that because she thought a small paper bag that contains few small gifts would be lovely. I thought that so when I went to a friend of mine wedding where she gave out small paper bag that later in the car we’ve checked what the contains are, (don’t we always do that?) it is a mix of some sweets, a small bag of homemade potpourri, 2 pieces of waffles, small towel and soaps. Never mind that no one gave soaps to their guests anymore, it is the thought that counts. Ok if you count the thoughts, maybe you could say that some small lovely box that contains muffin is always a thought. It is just I feel that it is more sincere that way; I mean the small paper bag that contains everything you can put inside.

Let’s talk about something that all Malaysians are into (and what I am into as well when I go to weddings). Food. Glorious food. One thing about Malay wedding is, when it comes to food, we only serve beriani gam, ayam masak merah, dalca and acar buah. Or maybe something more different if we added kurma daging. I sometimes got tired of the food never mind that it is not easy to cook beriani gam and it take hours upon hours to prepare for it. Then, why not make it easier, by serving something simpler and healthy (look who’s talking) maybe something grilled and something that are half cooked. Ok that is maybe more into westerners wedding or maybe garden weddings. Remember, we must follow our so-called customs. And our customs are to serve beriani gam, ayam masak merak, all the dalcas if not people will think that we can’t afford that.

A white friend of mine said something like they remember you if you came empty-handed. Meaning that if you forget to bring any gifts to the bride and groom. Well, of course they remember you because they only invited like what, 80 people? Not like some Malay wedding when they invited close to 2000 people. Try that to remember who doesn’t bring you any gift.

I also believe that when it comes to wedding, it is not your actual wedding, not your dream wedding. It is more like your mom’s wedding and what she has been dreamed of. When it comes to your daughter’s wedding, then only you can have your own dream wedding, but keep in mind that it is not your actual wedding, it is more like your daughter’s wedding. A wedding also is mostly about to ‘jaga hati’. You have to jaga hati your mother, your future mother-in-law, all your aunties, not forgetting your 2 grandmas. Jaga hati is more like you don’t want to upset all parties and at the same time have your OWN dream wedding. In your dreams.

In Muslim weddings, the most important part is the akad and nikah, same like ‘I do’. But nowadays, people more into who have the best wedding? Who is going get the title ‘wedding of the year’, because that is what we’ve been brain-washed to, no? Which bride wear the most expensive and elegant gown? Whose wedding VVVVVVVIPs attend to? The more VVVVIPs came to your wedding, the more likely you will get the title? There goes the actual idea of getting married. Get two people who are in love get together and celebrate the love and joy of it. Embrace the love of two people that will spend time together for the rest of their time and grow old together. Not thinking about debts and more debts the first thing you wake up after your wedding night like cousin A, who applied for bank loan to pay some of the wedding fees. Ridiculous right? But according to her, it is cheap considering you have to pay back in 10 years time plus the interest as well. Well, maybe it is easier said than done because at first, she wanted to get married in 2 more years but with ‘campur tangan’ all the pakciks, makciks, they have to get married in a year time, never mind that short of money. ‘Rezeki ada di mana-mana’, said one of our uncles.

Weddings definitely are more for relatives and get together among us, right? It is to merapatkan ikatan persaudaraan. Yeah right, what about all the debts that we (I mean the brides and grooms) have to deal with? Can we make it simpler without too much hassle? Even mom said for my wedding, she is not going to do anything and I have to deal with it and prepare it according to my own dream. She said that was because I kept on complaining over preparation of my brother’s wedding that my brother didn’t care anything about his wedding and we have to take care of it and I am so not going to abandon my own wedding and will take care of it with TLC. Ok stop, now I feel like adopted child.

Friday, August 8, 2008

warm sunny days

How I miss all the monkeys there.

Friday, July 25, 2008

much love

suprise suprise.

I am back after the operation.

Some of the messages that I would REALLY love to put here, they are from friends, families and strangers.

Fiona: Hehe, best of luck honey! Keep shining:-D

Abg Wa: Ok kita doakan semua akan berjalan dengan lancar. C u soon, miss u here.

Faish: Good luck u dont worry ure in a good hand of doctors hows 3rd class? Hehe so lepas ni karaoke sure hebat eh hehe.

Amalina: Morningggggggg! All the best dear..i doakan everything goes well!

Sheryl: U kt hospital mana? Dun worry u gonna be fine. I pun dah sihat ni

Zhana: Whos this plz? sori i lost my phone..

Kak Sabbs: Good luck! siapa nie?i baru tukar fon

Bubbly Zehan: Hiks. sounds fun,that operation :) doncha worry, mum had that too, she turned out a gorjes lady after that :) kat mana operate ni? take care *hugs hugs*

Zhana: Awh..babe! i m sori!i hope everything goes well 4d operation.whr wil u b admitted?

Kak Sabbs: Angah!op kat mana gurl?wad?katil? mb akak can visit.i hope evrything will b ok.jumpa grunge last sat, dia x ckp pn!im giving u all d stars in my worls.mwah.

Ayu: Ye ke? Hospital mana? Kenapa x bgtau leh lawat awk..gudluck..nanti kt dtg k..

Makcik Chombee: Lucky stars honey stars starfish go to angahs! Flying kiss 2 d anesthetist b4 anythg ok. I lov u bdk jahat *hugs

Faiz: Farah-i miss u.nk b by urside mse operation..gud luck wit the operation.msj me.muah

Shah: Eh?

Rinie: Okie..all the best! Take care.

Mazeda: Hai funi. How r u? How ws ur surgery? M really sori my dear. I wasnt there wit u. Hope u cn forgive me 4 being a bad n lousy bstfriend. Sori..

Kak Anne: Get well soon! Sorry for d late reply. Yesterday was a hectic day. Eat lotsa ice cream. Hehe.

Suprisingly I cannot move my head for 1 whole week. Isnt it psycho?

Thanks for all the lovely messages.Much L.O.V.E.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


I've lost my thumb drive which contained lots and lots of picture.And now the another drive have got some problems or what's it some viruses?
Oh God.
I am thinking of getting the hard disk.U think?


I did not make it to the last performance last Thursday.And I watched it on TV and seeing Ramli Ibrahim saying something like "It is a breath of fresh air, it is spring time, and it's good to be alive" to Farah's dan Ray's second performance has warmed the soul. I mean, coming from him? Ok I am talking about So You Think You Can Dance season 2 people.

I am going to The Annexe later. Hope the boyfie bring the camera along.
We are going to catch PECHA KUCHA VOL. 4 (pronounced peh-chak-cha). See how it spells? Totally different.

Kak Anne is pregnant with the first child and we are kinda excited about it.

We are going to have bbq after my operation which is due next week. Lots of food of course!

Oh yah, tomorrow if you have some free time to spare, come and watch One Buck Short performing for Unzipped tomorrow at 3pm in Ruums, KL. It is free so come one, come all. Bring the postman as well.And neighbours too.

have a prettyful weekend people, will ya?

Friday, June 27, 2008

lip gloss

i seriously want this job.

like dead serious.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

warm evening

There is 2 things that I wanna learn right now.

1. Adobe photoshop

2. Press releases.

I suck at both two.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

the skies are blue

My supervisor is leaving soon so I got no supervisor now.

Now everyone uwaaaaaaaa..

Friday, June 20, 2008

accidentally in love

You know that you have to go home when you write:

Performing in Hospitals

when you should write:

Performing in Restaurants.

I am exhausted.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I am at suki's press conference.

and I am using someone's computer.

How sad.

Anyhoo, I feel like puking now.
Oh yeah, i puked just a lot.

Oh suki's here.bye.

On why i use this title oso I dont know.

Monday, June 16, 2008

little bow

Please dont tell me that Mondays are wonderful.

When on Saturday, you went to classes and Sunday you had to help mum to moved out.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

like whatever

We are organizing Gossip Girl party this weekend but I cant make it because of class.

But I am going to Unzipped.

Do come okay.

Tomorrow it would be Jaclyn Victor, at the Ruums Live Centre and will be starting at 3pm.

Moving on, one of my classmates have this voice of very squeaky and very busy body.She even looked into my bag ok to check whether got laptop or not. Like okkay.

It is so not appropriate me think.

Friday, June 13, 2008

rubber band

I hate it when people are underestimating me.

Like what they did are superb enough.

Yeah right.

Enough said.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

red top with red socks on a rainy day

It is final people.

My operation date would be on 16th July.

It's thyroid.I am looking forward to it and yet praying very hard everything is gonna be alright.
My instinct says that I should be it's friend.

I know.

Okay I dont know.

Just wish me luck :)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

long december

As I am doing my work alone at the office, I am currently listening to Long December by Counting Crows.It is a nice song and the words are so moving.Heard it last time and the feeling is still the same when I'm listening to it now.

Went to the class just now, only to know that we have to submit the assignment and the due date is today.
And to make things worst, today is the quiz day.Which I likeeeeeeeeeeeeee it so much since I didnt go the class last week.Haih.

The mr. ex-boyfie kept on messaging me.On why he didn't get the signal, I have no answer to that.

Work is okay.We are now on project SYTYCD which showing Live every Thursday starting this week.

Have a nice week ahead people.

I know, I've lost my sense of humour long ago.

Friday, May 2, 2008

sexy ankle

How can I forgot to mention here that last Sunday we went to Pay Less Books stock clearance and I bought like 7 books and he bought like 2 books? Heh.

And the best things was all paid by him.Wee.

And I am one happy girl.

Monday, April 28, 2008

pocketful of sunshine

At last.My exams finished.Yeay!

Okay, about the interview.I know it's kinda late but let me just cut it short.
It went well.Mr Izam is so humble I have to say.

Okay I lied.The part that it went well.
It does not went well.I screwed up.
Like big time.But he gave me lots of advices.
And I asked him on when he reads my resume what makes him wanna see me.
Because mind you, it's not even a proper resume.
Okay lets not that about that.
Lets just pray very very hard that I got the place.

Abang's wedding coming up.In may.Mum asked me to be the MC for the day.
And I said no because to me it's not proper for the sister to be the MC right?
I think it is more approriate for me to become the usherer(spells?)

That's all for today.
Will update soon okay.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

you dont have to say'

I'm going for an interview tomorrow.Wish me luck children!!

Will definitely bring lots and lots of lucky start tomorrow.

Now hungry.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

pink-ish rug

Today is nice.
I got a call from someone I've been waiting for.
And the good news is I'll be going for an interview next week.Can't wait.

wish me luck people.

I'll definetely will bring my lucky star.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

out of my mind

Today mom told me that I did nothing remarkable in her life.

Well, it hurts.But I only have one thing to say to her,

the best is yet to come'

Monday, April 7, 2008

under the blanket

Officially I've lost my sense of humor today.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

phone book on the floor

as much as i adore mr izham omar,
it seems that am afraid to send my resume to him.

i just dont know why. i would very much like to be his intern.

the little sister are far away from mrsm batu pahat.
miss her so very much.

i have so many things to say, but am clueless.

had a session with miss fang just went well.


green+pink curtain

would very much to start all over again.

so hey there :)

so many things happened.don't really know where to start.