Monday, November 10, 2008

baby potatoes + baby tomatoes + baby carrots + baby Naim

1. Today marks the first time I've won chess against him.

2. Like check mate ok.

3. I'll be having my first paper this Thursday which I am so scared to death.

4. This afternoon, I heard a boy sitting inside his school van, in front of his friends house saying something like,
"Rugi ooo kau tak pergi sekolah" which I found it adorably cute.

5. The other day, mom came back from groceries shopping and she bought 2 breads, one is plain white bread and another with raisins and later that evening dad came back from work bought the same exact breads : one is plain white bread and another with raisins. I call that destiny with adorably cute love.

6. Can someone craving for her own cooking? Since Obama said yes, we can, so I thought of yes I can craving for my own cooking. I'm craving for chicken with lots of potatoes. I love potatoes. I call that adorably cute carbs.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


1. My little sister is coming back next Friday which makes me so excited.

2. I am one ungrateful daughter because I ate one whole durian by myself which is so not good.

3. My long lost friend invited me for her wedding tonight which makes me think about how everyone around my age are either planning to get married, are married, pregnant, planning to have babies (like lots of babies), had kids (like 2), or getting divorce (ok I made that up), while I am still struggling with exams. (Not good).

4. I think when I finish studies I will face with lots of debts (Yes, you don't want to be me).

5. I have a friend which I don't want to be her friend anymore because she sucks all my (very little) positive energy which left me with negative feelings all the time.

6. I try to think about what I had done in the past of my 24 years time of living and I cant get any that I can proud of.

7. I am craving for brownies walnut. Enough said.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

yellow-ish curtain + day curtain

I came to see him and called him up only to know that he is still sleeping. Two days in a row. How can you not get mad and hungry.

HR Department from the place I went for practical called me up to say that I haven't send the tag yet. No good.

I probably cannot take my exams because of being barred. Not good.