Thursday, October 23, 2008

scramble eggs on toast

I am sitting just beside surau in my college to use the WI-FI (beside surau got WI-FI) and I am deeply humble when I saw my juniors (read: boys) passing by in front of me going for prayers.

Read: Super hot cute juniors.

I do mean super hot cute with bangle all hanging to the pants.

Life is Good.

Monday, October 20, 2008


I think I've moved out from Melawati and stayed near Shah Alam for almost a year already but the thing is, I still get lost when it comes to finding roads in Shah Alam which I hate it so much.

I couldn't even remember the roads and the routes which I agree I totally suck at.

Recently, I just got to know that Section 13 is very near to my house if I follow the route near Glenmarie. Before this, I use to follow routes after McDonald Section 20 and there's about 2 or was it 3 roundabouts.

I complained to Mazeda about this, and she said something like,

Ala, Funny (Farahani) kalau tak sesat memang it's not Funny (Farahani) tau. Suka masuk jalan ikut kata hati.

Rright. Very funny.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

every breath you take

I just can't believe my luck when I opened my laptop I straight away I can connect to the Internet from my college lounge.

Now I don't have to waste anymore money to grande extra whipped cream caramel soy chocolate. Did I get that right? This month is the exact one year I left Starbucks. How can I not missed them monkeys there? Especially Shah gendut.

everyone look super thin here and of course the cameramagicwomen looks the thinnest and of course you cant see it. there are 2 mak buyungs is due this year and another next year and I'll be great great aunty.

make more babies people.

dee dot buu

-Keras hati dan degil
-kuat semangat dan bermotivasi tinggi
-pemikiran tajam
-mudah marah jika tidak dikawal
-pandai menarik hati orang lain dan menarik perhatian
-perasaan yang sangat mendalam
-cantik dari segi mental dan fizikal
-tidak perlu dimotivasikan
-tetap pendirian tetapi mudah dipengaruhi oleh orang lain
-mudah dipujuk
-bersikap sistematik ( otak kiri )
-suka berangan (what??)
-kuat daya firasat, memahami apa yang terlintas dihati orang lain
-mudah diserang penyakit di bahagian telinga dan leher dan lemah sistem pernafasan
-daya hayalannya tinggi *ehem
-pemikiran yang tajam
-pandai berdebat
-fizikal yang baik *is this for real?
-suka sastera, seni, muzik dan melancong
-tidak berapa suka duduk dirumah
-tidak boleh duduk diam
-tidak punya ramai anak
-rajin dan bersemangat tinggi
-agak boros
*okay not true :p

Ps: tidak punya ramai anak?? are you sure??
On second thought, I thought I hate children so maybe it's true that gadis Mei tidak punya ramai anak.

Ppss: I swear to you I saw someone look like Mat Salleh at my college and this is weird when it comes to my college, but on second look it's just blond wannabe.
And yes it is true that May is the greatest month of all.

*copied from

Monday, October 13, 2008

save room for them

Everyday is a bad hair day for Farahani.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

wet kisses

I've been wanting to put this before Raya, but something stupid came up so here you go.
Good Luck in trying to read this.

Up until yesterday, I’ve been sleeping on my yoga mat for 3 days straight. Not that I sleep in yoga position or what, or maybe I did yoga pose while sleeping, no. No it is not. It’s just there is some stuff like lots of stuff on my bed. There is a packet of tissue, my hair band, some stuffed stupid animal, my clean clothes which yet to be fold which obviously I don’t know when of course. And some CDs and DVDs. Oh, have you guys watch 21 grams?
Call me smart or smart and have good taste or what, but I never know Sean Penn is that hot. Ok not when he is naked because yuck, that is so not hot. He is just brilliant plus another brilliant and this Del Toro guy which is brilliant and genius plus another brilliant. Did I forget to mention brilliant? You see, I never like the choice of movies that my 2 brothers like. No offence but sometimes I have to think hard to understand those movies which are not helping at all when you are dump at times. Well, they never like my choice of movies as well. Anyways, that 21 Grams was bought by the little brother. Come to think of it, Sean Penn is not that hot in I Am Sam :p
Moving on and let’s get serious this time. I am not working so I can’t really bitch about work like you people always do behind your boss. Since you guys have to work so hard or more like pretending to work hard like staring at the screen while your boss thought that you might be doing your work but you are wasting time reading my blog, let me tell you about more serious stuff like plaque. My plaque.
I got this little gap in front of my teeth which is obvious to people who really look at me while talking to me but not to those who looked at my chest while I talk to them. Understand? Good. I don’t.
Normally, I only brushed my teeth twice a day without fail. Ok I lied. Sometimes I failed when I got lazy to brush at night so there are times when I only brush once a day. And some people who are really close to me know that I love to check my teeth every opportunity I got like when it’s traffic jam or while waiting for the light to turn green. So one day, I noticed that the gap got a little bigger. I was thinking who might have accidentally scratched my teeth when I didn’t notice it. I stare it real close just to see it properly and it hit me, it is plaque. I was really scared and complained to boyfie about it and again non-stop complaining about it to him and he might get a little bored because he bought me a bottle of mouth wash and a packet of floss. So, now without fail (I promise), I brushed my teeth at night and use the mouth wash and floss my teeth. Every night. I promise (again).

Of course, on Raya, I will flash to everyone my flossed teeth.

Speaking about Raya, mom is worried about what to cook on Raya because you see we are going back Kedah this time. Cooking at my grandma’s house meaning that you need to cook with less oil, no coconut milk but instead use skimmed milk. I mean, honestly, how can you cook without all that especially on Raya. Since mom is so worried about it, the sometimes genius sometimes stupid me suggested that we ask someone else to cook. We can probably order soto ayam or laksa. Mom is not an expert in soto ayam or laksa you see. Easy peasy. Everyone’s happy. Baba agreed and he called his mother straight away and told her about my suggestion. My grandma wanted to talk to me and she asked, do you want to cook soto ayam on Raya? I said no grandma; we can order someone else to cook for us so that we can have more time to do our makeup on Raya. I nearly say that. She said, no its okay we can ask everyone to help around and we cook together but under your mom’s supervision.
I wanted to bury my head straight away.
Now, I’ll get mom more worried about this. No, mom doesn’t know about this yet and no one, listen to me, no one will tell her about this ok. I’ll figure something else some other days.

Now Go Back to Work.