Saturday, December 20, 2008

sweaty palm

1. I accidentally cut my finger while cutting the vegetables just now. Urghh.

2. I felt like I am sweating non stop having me took shower 4 times already and it's only nearly 6pm.

3. I am so scared because the results are coming out real soon.

4. I seriously can't wait for 2009.

5. There are some pictures that I would like to show you but it is in my laptop and my laptop is with him, so I have to wait.

6. My senior told me that he just got engaged and the wedding date would be next year. I was so excited and screamed and he was like, still the same old Fara. He asked me when will I make him scream like that too? I also have no answers for that.

7. Yesterday, me and the families went out for dinner. Since we wanted to explore Shah Alam, I suggested we went to this Kedai Kopi near UITM. I am not that sure with the roads, so we went through like 5 or 6 roundabouts because being me I just couldn't remember the ways that Mazida showed me before. And I told everyone in the car, dont worry, it's going to be worth it.
And and, Kedai Kopi is actually just behind PKNS.

8. I miss my dear friends.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

take me home

1. Nigella Express is awesome. Looks very easy to make but how
I wish someone's there for me to do it.

2. I hate people who is not punctual. Like, the Homestay that I went before,
they said that all of us have to meet up at 10pm sharp because they are doing some
LDK (Latihan Dalam Kumpulan), and I arrived 9.45pm. And because of raining, some of them
made it around 11pm and some nearly 12pm. I mean come on. If you don't have any respect towards me,
that should be fine, but have respect towards yourself. Plan ahead ok.

3. I know the president will be reading this, but you and your team did a good job. I can't see
myself handling that very big event. Way to go, sistah! You know who you are :)

4. I miss the friends that I've worked before in Starbucks Uptown 2. Glad that this 13th
will be some sort of reunion but more like housewarming in Esther's house. It is so kind
of her to invite me as I met her only once I think. I miss the late night sessions
in SS2. God, when I mention that, I realize I miss the smelly Shah too. How shocking
that he got himself a pretty girlfriend already when I thought he's gay.

5. I really need to brush on my grammar.

6. I want that 2 pair of earrings that he bought for me.

7. Our friend Ahmad Azlan is getting married. Wow how time flies. He called me
to invite me to his wedding this coming January and he said he just got married on the 16th.
Wow. Next thing I know this people invite me for cukur jambul anak kedua. Scary.

8. Oh speaking of January, I can't wait for 2009 to come. I know masa depan akan cerah for 2009
*crosses fingers*.

9. Like OMG. I've gained like 3kgs last weekend only. That was when I stayed with my
host parents. Shut up you.

10. Take Home Chef, please take me home.

11. The other day, when I read about banjir (what is banjir in English?) in Kelantan
or to be more accurate Pasir Mas, I remembered a friend that I had before.
God how cruel she is. To remember what she did to me is wasting time.

12. But to remember what she did to fool herself is not only wasting time but funny
some people did things.
Like how she made herself up, took a glass of Ribena and pretend it was red wine and
sat on the sofa, close the curtain and took lots of pictures.
Put the pictures on the blog and said that she went for karaoke. With her imaginary

13. Or when, she made her eyes up with smoky eyes and only took picture of her face and paste it on her blog and said girls nite out! Yeay!

14. Or when she stayed with me and my housemates that time for several days and she asked us
how much to pay us and we were like, we don’t really mind how much because you are our friend.
She kept on asking how much she should pay. So our friend (more like a leader to the house) calculated RM48.75 or was it RM48.25. And guess what she did? She paid us the exact amount.
I mean come on, if you are big enough, you should just pay the exact RM50 right? I don’t know how to put it the correct way, but if you knew some stories about her being calculative with her friends, you’ll know.

15. Forget about her. What is your attractiveness level? Tell me.

16. Okay drink lots of water ok not only on hot days but every day.

17. Oh I bathed 4 times today. No, not because it’s hot, it’s more like bathing is a hobby.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


1. I just got back from Tanjung Piai Homestay with my college mates and still waiting for the pictures.

2. My host parents are so sweet. Mummy made muffin for us to bring back home.

3. I had 3 housemates including me. We shard the same host parents.

4. My cramps are killing me.

5. I am thinking of doing one major decision in my life which I am trying to do the pros and cons. And I'm still thinking.

6. Forget that. The main reason on why I blogged in English is because I want to brush up on my English which really need to be brush up. So, I'm sorry if my wrong grammar annoys you.

7. My nephew, Nabil, the other day, he asked me how's my throat recovery process. If you don't know, I just had operation for my thyroid. I was amazed when he asked because the operation was in July and he didn't come and visit me in the hospital, never mind that. I mean, for a 2 year old kid to remember that and ask me, I was so touch.

8. I AM GETTING BIGGER. My weight now is 73 kg. Which is so not okay for 1.6m tall.

9. I wish I had something interesting to write but sadly there is nothing interesting. How sad.

10. Oh on the second day of staying in Homestay, one of the housemate said something that hurt me which I don't want to elaborate here. I called him or more like ask him to call me back, and we talked. He told me that he bought me 2 pairs of earrings and I was so touched, I cried.

11. Ok I need to cook lunch.